ICMRBS Early Career Researcher Webinar Series

The ICMRBS is proud to support a webinar series for early career researchers working on magnetic resonance in biological systems. If you would like to present, please contact one of our committee (details below). For the latest news related to the webinars follow our Twitter account. Check out our Instagram page.

Our next event is 24th February 2021 9 a.m. PST | 12 p.m. EST | 5 p.m. GMT | 6 p.m. CET | 10:30 p.m. IST | 1 a.m. CST | 3 a.m. ADET

To join: Zoom link (Webinar-ID: 861 0028 1219 Password: ICMRBSECR)

ICMRBS ECR Committee

Angelo Gallo A.Gallo.1@warwick.ac.uk
Karoline Sanches karolsanches@gmail.com
Nick Fowler n.j.fowler@sheffield.ac.uk
Reid Alderson reid.alderson@utoronto.ca
Yanni Chin yanni.chin@imb.uq.edu.au

ICMRBS YouTube channel

Past webinars in this series will be made available via the ICMRBS YouTube channel.

ICMRBS Mailing List

Please email Kevin Gardner if you’d like to be added to the ICMRBS mailing list for news of upcoming conferences and affiliated events.

Previous speakers

29th September 2020 - Structural Biology

Assessing the structure and interactions of γD-crystallin deamidation variants
Dr Alex Guseman, University of Pittsburgh USA

Probing the mechanism of inhibition of amyloid fibril formation by the chaperonin GroEL
Dr Marielle Wälti, National Institute of Health USA

High-resolution ex vivo NMR spectroscopy of human Z ɑ1-antitrypsin
Dr Chris Waudby, University College London UK

28th October 2020 - Nucleic Acids / Protein-Nucleic Acid Interactions

Extending the Sensitivity of CEST NMR Spectroscopy to Micro‐to‐Millisecond Dynamics in Nucleic Acids Using High‐Power Radio‐Frequency Fields
Atul Rangadurai, Duke University USA

Ribosomal RNA – dynamic regions of E.coli h44
Hampus Karlsson, Karolinska Institutet Sweden

Modulation of pre-mRNA structure by hnRNP proteins regulates alternative splicing of MALT1 in T cells
Dr Alisha Jones, TU Munich Germany

How I got by with a little help from my friends
Prof Angela Gronenborn, University of Pittsburgh USA

25th November 2020 - Drug Discovery / Development

Targeting BRD3-ET using a Fragment Based Drug Discovery approach
Dr Lorna White, University of Sydney Australia

NMR in target driven drug discovery: why not?
Dr Marta Carneiro, ZoBio Netherlands

NMR-based structural and dynamic characterization of bacterial enzymes in fragment-based drug design
Stefan Nebl, Monash University Australia

Going south: An incoherent journey in magnetic resonance
Prof Frances Separovic, University of Melbourne Australia

16th Decemeber 2020 - Solid State NMR

The hepatitis B virus capsid seen by solid-state NMR
Dr Lauriane Lecoq, CNRS France

Spin labelled peptide for in-cell DNP solid-state NMR
Dr Marc Sani, The University of Melbourne Australia

Impacts of protein deuteration and MAS rate on 1H-13C solid-state distance measurements
Asst Prof Andrew Nieuwkoop, Rutgers University USA

Your career from A to Z: Learning from my mistakes
Prof Arthur Palmer, Columbia University USA

10th February 2021

Conformational flexibility of GRASP proteins and their constituent PDZ subdomains reveals structural basis of their promiscuous interactome
Dr Luis Felipe Santos Mendes, The University of São Paulo (Brazil)

An intrinsically disordered motif regulates the interaction between the p47 adaptor and the p97 AAA+ ATPase
Dr Rui Huang, University of Guelph (Canada)

High pressure switches the β1-adrenergic receptor to the active state in the absence of G protein
Dr Layara Abiko, Universität Basel (Switzerland)